Frequently Asked Questions

First off, I would like to say Welcome! By reading this post I promise it can answer EVERY question you may have. Please read all the way through.
Little L’s offers a rotating 150+ different designs of handmade soft sole moccasins, seasonal swim moccasins and boots along with offering the ability to do custom order fabrics! Plus, as of July 2021 we are now offering a few new products!
All sale dates will be announced with notice on our Little L’s Page, Little L’s -Loyal Little Group.
Moccasins, Boots and Swim Moccasins Size Chart
Measure foot from longest toe to heel and ADD half an inch, even to adult sizes. This will be how you get the LL size you need. (easiest way would be to have the tape measure on the floor and place longest toe at Zero )
-Newborn/ 0 to 2 months is 3.5 inches
-2 to 6 months is 4 inches(baby size 1) *Recommended size for baby shower gifts*
- 6 to 9 months is 4.5 inches(baby size 2.5)
- 9 to 12 months is 5 inches(baby size 4)
- 12 to 18 months is 5.5 inches(toddler size 5.5)
- 18 to 24 months is 6 inches(toddler size 7)
-Size LL 8 is 6.5 inches
-Size LL 9 is 7 inches
-Size LL 10 is 7.25 inches
-Size LL 11 is 7.5 inches
-Size LL 12 is 7.75 inches
-Size LL 13 is 8 inches
-Size LL 1 is 8.5 inches
-Size LL 2 is 8.75 inches
-Size LL 3 is 9 inches
-Size LL 4 is 9.25 inches
-Size LL 5 is 9.5 inches
-Size LL 6 is 9.75 inches
-Size LL 7 is 10.25 inches
-Size LL 8 is 10.5 inches
-Size LL 9 is 11 inches
-Size LL 10 is 11.5 inches
-Size LL 11 is 11.75 inches
-Size LL 12 is 12 inches
-Size LL 13 is 12.25 inches
Put the Kids LL and Adult LL Sizes needed in the notes.
Thick foot? Skinny Foot? We can completely customize your moccasins to fit your needs, just shoot us a message if you have any questions with measurements.
We prefer you to measure your foot but we can also look up sizes if needed. Please specify that it is a Men's or Women's regular shoe size if not using are LL size chart and if wide is needed. If you choose to not measure your foot and just send us your regular shoe size, we will go off of this size chart.
Sliders & Ballets Size Chart

Measure your littles foot from the longest toe to heel and ADD half an inch for grow room.


Size 6 - 5.59 inches

Size 7 - 5.90 inches

Size 8 - 6.22 inches

Size 9 - 6.53 inches

Size 10 - 6.85 inches

Size 11 - 7.16 inches

Size 12 - 7.48 inches

Size 13 - 7.79 inches


Settings on different mobile devices and computers may make design colors vary slightly. Placement of colors and prints may vary depending on the nature of fabric and size ordered.
As our Moccasins, Boots and Swim Moccasins are a custom handmade (handcut) item, please allow for a variance of 1/8 of an inch difference in sizing.
Moccasins prints will vary and will not all be exactly as shown in their demo pictures. Not receiving the character or exact placement requested in the notes in not a cause for refund. Note suggestions like Boy or Girl are welcomed and we will do our best to accommodate them.
Sizes 6-9 months & under come with suede soles, while sizes 9-12 months & up are made with an outdoor rubberized sole made for walking.
Sole options normally come as Black, but can vary per print. But an add-on option to change the sole to Coyote (tan), Hunter (green), & Granite (grey) is available at no charge, under Sole Add-On in the Extras. And Toe Guards, Extra Comfort, Mesh and Lace can be added for a small fee, please choose the correct size needed.
Discounts will not be applied to add-ons.
Turn Around
Please remember that our moccasins, boots and swim moccasins are handmade by my husband and I. Orders generally take 4-6 weeks during our Friday Frenzys. This is not a set deadline, but we will do our best to get everything out in this time frame. If you place a order and did not choose Rush Order Bump and Rush Order Swift expect your order to ship within 4 to 6 weeks. However, if you custom order a fabric it can range from 1-2 weeks to just receive the fabric. TAT times can change depending on business demands, but we will give you notification of when that starts and how long it changes to. Thank you for your patience.
Rush Order
Did you forget you had pictures next weekend? Or get surprised with a trip to Disney Land? And you need matching moccasins now! Our normal Turnaround Time is at 4-6 weeks, but with a Rush Order we will push you up the list. This will guarantee that your moccasins go out before their scheduled ship date.
Rush Order - Bump ships within 5 business days. ($10)
Rush Order - Swift within 1-2 weeks. ($5)
Customs can not be combined with a Rush Order.
We only print your shipping label once your product is made and packed. Shopify will instantly send you a email notification with a tracking number, please check your spam folder. Starting September 27th, 2021 first class shipping will be $4, this is not insured. If you would like insured shipping please choose $7 Priority Shipping. Mail drop-offs will be done on Mondays and Fridays. Once we drop it off at the post office we have no control over your package. Sometimes tracking will not update, it says its delivered but its not, please give it 1-2 days before contacting your post office. If a package is lost it can be filed as a claim with your post office. Only orders priority shipped are insured by the PO.
Priority shipping is not a Rush Order, it is just how fast a package is shipping through USPS. 
We do not offer local pick up.
Orders are only shipped once a full order is completed, we do not ship partial orders.
USPS Returns
Prior to checkout, please double check the “ship to address” in your account. Reshipment costs will be buyers’ responsibility.
Little L’s is not at fault for any shipping delays due to buyer error.
Prices vary and are subject to change. 
We do now offer SEZZLE as a form of payment.
Returns, Refunds and Exchanges
  • Because of the nature of our products and how releases work, all sales are final - returns, refunds and exchanges are not permitted. (This includes Pre-Orders and Ready to Ships)
  • However, we stand by our product and will make any errors on our end right. If you've received the wrong item or there is a problem/defect with your order, rest assured it will be fixed. This does not apply if it is a customer error in measurements or not correctly using our Size Charts.
  • Refunds will only be given for UNWORN and defective items, within 7 days of them being shown as delivered. They must be shipped back within 1 week of recieving. You will be refunded once the unworn order is in our shop and inspected for defect.
Custom Orders
Custom orders for moccasins and boots can be placed by messaging our email, Please contact us with the fabric you are wishing to order, before placing an order. Once we open for a sale you will be able to place an order under Custom Order (with a minimum of THREE moccasins per custom fabric ordered), only after this will we order the needed fabric.
Discounts will not be applied to custom orders.
Discount Codes
There may be discounts floating around the page, these can be limited or set for certain time frames.
Shop Credits will expire 1 month after receiving them.
Discounts will not be applied to custom orders or add-ons.
Must be added at checkout, codes will not be applied after order is placed.
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