RTS- Bravery

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Please note that because of the fabric design, every pair of moccasins will look unique.
Fabric: Cotton Spandex, super soft with a little stretch.
Custom-made with love!
DEMO SHOWN WITH TOE GUARD ADD ON, All of our Moccasins come WITHOUT additional add-ons unless stated in the listing.
Sizes Newborn (3.5 inches) to 6-9 (4.5 inches) come with suede soles. While our sizes 9-12 (5 inches) to Adult LL 13 (12.25 inches) are made with an outdoor rubberized sole made for walking. 
Size Chart

Measure your foot from Heel to Longest Toe and ADD half an inch. This will be how you get the LL size you need. 
- 0 to 2 months is 3.5 inches
-2 to 6 months is 4 inches(baby size 1)
- 6 to 9 months is 4.5 inches(baby size 2.5)
- 9 to 12 months is 5 inches(baby size 4)
- 12 to 18 months is 5.5 inches(toddler size 5.5)
- 18 to 24 months is 6 inches(toddler size 7)
-Size LL 8 is 6.5 inches 
-Size LL 9 is 7 inches 
-Size LL 10 is 7.25 inches 
-Size LL 11 is 7.5 inches  
-Size LL 12 is 7.75 inches 
-Size LL 13 is 8 inches
If a Kids Slot is available please leave the needed LL size in the notes. We prefer you to measure your foot, but we can also lookup sizes if needed. 
Thick foot? Skinny Foot? We can completely customize your moccasins to fit your needs. Please specify if wide or skinny is needed with exact measurements across the sole of your foot.  Just shoot us a message if you have any questions at Littlelskc@gmail.com.